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dbaDIRECT and LUCRUM have officially joined forces as CLEAR MEASURES. The two companies combine to offer end-to-end data capabilities: helping our customers better USE their data and better MANAGE their data.

CLEAR MEASURES will continue to deliver dbaDIRECT’s award-winning Remote Database Administration, System Administration and Cloud Management Services as part of the Cloud Infrasture Services (CIS) division. Across more than 250 data centers on 4 continents, CLEAR MEASURES supports every industry leading database and operating system platform. We are also expanding our services with additional cloud-based offerings, such as architecting, migrating, and managing Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure for our customers.

CLEAR MEASURES will also continue to offer LUCRUM’s business-focused data analytics solutions as part of the Business Solutions & Services division. Whether you need to better target your sales, streamline your operations, or manage performance, CLEAR MEASURES can help you assess, architect, integrate and visualize your data for impactful results.

Together, CLEAR MEASURES offers these services for a comprehensive approach to Making Your Data Meaningful and Keeping Your Data Meaningful. Our contacts haven’t changed—though we do have a new home on the web at www.clearmeasures.com. You will see that reflected in our new email addresses, as well. But, all your existing contact information will continue to work. We want to make this exciting change as trouble-free as possible. Please see below for answers to some other common questions.

CLEAR MEASURES combines the industry-leading infrastructure support of dbaDIRECT with the Big Data Analytics a of LÛCRUM. The two companies combine to offer end-to-end data capabilities: helping our customers better USE their data and better MANAGE their data. Combined, CLEAR MEASURES can help you Make Your Data Meaningful and Keep Your Data Meaningful. About Us

Customers of dbaDIRECT and LÛCRUM can expect the same great service they’ve always enjoyed. CLEAR MEASURES will offer LÛCRUM’s customers easier access to industry-recognized remote infrastructure support and advanced resource management. dbaDIRECT’s existing customers can add CLEAR MEASURES’ in depth analytics and strategic analysis to their portfolio.

Your contacts for LÛCRUM or dbaDIRECT are unchanged. Please continue to use the methods and contact information already at your disposal. Contact us

All general inquiries can be answered through our Toll Free Number or via email at info@clearmeasures.com.

CLEAR MEASURES is headquartered in the Northern Kentucky city of Covington, directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Our unique locale is a hub of the growing Rural Sourcing movement, accessing untapped sources of talent in the service of innovation. Our Covington Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, directing work for our national and global customer base with additional support from Bangalore, India.

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