About Us

We can address capacity coverage cost like no other provider can.

skillsMaking Data Meaningful isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s the mission fulfilled daily by CLEAR MEASURES team members in locations around the nation and the world. Since 1993 CLEAR MEASURES has been focused on real business value, which we enhance in two ways: First, we work with business units in companies large and small to help them identify, gather, analyze, and capitalize on the valuable data that resides in every corner of their enterprise. Second, we free IT staffs in hundreds of companies to focus on their valuable business knowledge, while we provide true 24 X 7 coverage for critical and important day-to-day concerns like availability and recoverability. We give clients the tools and the time to make better decisions.

CLEAR MEASURES offers a range of SERVICES and SOLUTIONS designed to satisfy needs shared by firms large and small, and the SKILLS required to make your customized goals a reality. If your goals aren’t yet defined, CLEAR MEASURES can help you define a STRATEGY for managing, analyzing, or visualizing your data in ways that make will make your path easier to identify. .

We meet our customers where they are, with a flexible, accessible model that acknowledges the good work already being done in a client’s environment. CLEAR MEASURES can help you create new systems and processes, or simply optimize those already in place. Across dozens of competencies, CLEAR MEASURES can offer a helping hand, expert oversight, or complete turnkey operation.

Since CLEAR MEASURES began, outsourcing has changed from a bleeding-edge solution to a standard tool in the arsenal of IT departments everywhere. But its acceptance brought choices that left those departments with solutions that were incomplete or disappointing. Offshore firms appeared to address cost, but lagged behind in efficiency and still meant over-buying, with maximum capacity in mind. CLEAR MEASURES has spent more than a decade developing, perfecting, and innovating in Infrastructure-As-A-Service. The result is CLEAR MEASURES, the complete workflow management methodology that allows CLEAR MEASURES to address Capacity, Coverage and Cost as no other provider can.

All our customers have access to:


Pay on demand, with 15 minute increments, not the half-day or full-day you pay for a contractor.


True 24 X 7 Coverage, with in-facility staff directed from our Global Operations Center in Covington, Kentucky.


CLEAR MEASURES can help your team with effective costs from Rural Sourcing and Global Sourcing locations. CLEAR MEASURES proprietary ONguard system allows for complete direction of a global workforce with U.S. oversight, focused on efficiency and repeatability.

CLEAR MEASURES cracked this code because we had to. The problems we solve for our customers are the ones we solved for ourselves, as we have grown to manage thousands of servers, operating systems, and databases, in more than 200 data centers on four continents. CLEAR MEASURES understands critical response, source management, and process-driven efficiency like no other infrastructure provider in the business.

CLEAR MEASURES offers service in a growing number of technologies including:

  • Cloud Provisioning and Support (Amazon AWS Partner)
  • Windows, Unix, and Linux (Microsoft and IBM Partner)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle (Oracle Partner)
  • DB2 on all platforms, including z/OS
  • Sybase
  • MySQL and MariaDB
  • General Monitoring and alert management

CLEAR MEASURES addresses clients across all industries, including leaders in:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Education

CLEAR MEASURES can help you solve for Capacity, Coverage and Cost now. To learn how, schedule a free consultation with one of our data assurance specialists by calling 1-877-687-3227 Ext. 503, or scheduling a meeting online today.